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Discover the right and healthy pace to start and make progress in running

The only app that evaluates your fitness level to calculate your training speed and to predict your progress.

Formyfit is the "No pain, more gain" method that helps you make progress without injuries.

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The story of Formyfit... It is also the story of a passionate man.


Boost your corporate culture with the "No pain, more gain" method to encourage physical activity among your employees and to increase team cohesion.

Improve the quality of life at work, set up challenges, boost your employer brand, ...

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Discover a digital support tool, provided to the teacher, to inform, raise awareness, explain and work on the physical condition aspect.

• A "Sport-Health Pass" for monitoring and analysing the 6-year study cycle, including Eurofit

• Outdoor sports activities, risk reduction of chronic pathologies by creating a routine, ...

• Accessible to all profiles: Evaluate your level & create your own training plan Translated with

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Run Academy

Do you want to raise awareness among the population or staff of your institution of the need to practise a regular activity?

Do you want to set up a health and fitness project with the support of a physical activity professional (a coach)?

Then Run Academy, with its digital and physical coaching approach, is for you!

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Unique method

You running speed and the architecture of your training plan are calculated using a fieldproven scientific method that's based on your availability, your goal but more importantly on your level that we evaluate with a unique test.

Voice coaching

Let our voice coach guide you and give you the right pace and heart rate intensity to follow to make fast and easy progress.


Are you a just starting running or getting ready for a marathon ? The Formyfit training plan will be fully tailored to your level.

Performance prediction

Discover your current and future time potential according to your goal, thanks to your personalized training program.


Analyze your progression chart and surprise yourself and your friends! Explore your potential thanks to the Formyfit method.

Endurance test

Test your endurance level where and when you wish to in order to recalibrate your training program.

They run with Formyfit!