Sport-health solution that measures and improves the physical fitness level of students.

Why did we create Formyfit@School ?

A study led by the WHO, shows that the majority of adolescents around the world are not physically active enough, which puts their current and future health at risk.

This is why we have created thanks to our application a new dynamic around sport and health in schools.

Our objective

Establish a health and sports report of the students.

Offer individualised homework through vocal coaching for students with difficulties.

Offer students a fun solution to make them love running.

Reduce the impact of chronic diseases and extend life expectancy by educating in physical activity from adolescence.


EuroFit module

What is the purpose of the Eurofit module ?

To have a complete assessment of the physical condition of the students through the 8 Eurofit tests.

What is the added value of the Eurofit tests ?

They measure the 5 pillars of fitness: flexibility, strength, speed, coordination and endurance.
They have been carried out every 10 years since 1993 on the basis of small cohort samples of about 2000 teens per country.

For the students

The application allows you to

  • Have a score from 0 to 100 on the different tests and to see their evolution over time.
  • Compare results with other students of the same age and gender.
  • Work on their endurance at home by following an individualised plan based on the MAS test carried out in class, via voice coaching.

For PE teachers

Thanks to an intuitive Dashboard, teachers will be able to

  • Follow the evolution of students between their 12 and 18 years.
  • Organize interclass challenges to motivate students.
  • Contact students through a notification system.
  • Remediation with struggling students.

Formyfit@School is also a fun way to work on endurance, while reducing the evolution of the epidemic of chronic diseases among generations Z and Alpha.



Fitness measurement and comparison tool based on MAS and EUROFIT tests.


No need to invest in a pedometer. Formyfit counts steps and transforms them into FIT's.


Formyfit allows you to practice walking with voice coaching to progress quickly.


Work on endurance at home by following an individualized plan based on the last MAS test.


Allows you to measure your movements and other sports activities and transform them into FIT's.


Different individual challenges, interclasses, interschools about steps, miles, FIT's, ...